Evocative, sensory film series  |  Commissioned by Aesop


In September 2019, Aesop unveiled ‘Epistēmē’ at ION Art Gallery in Singapore—an evocative, sensory installation featuring three new short films. 


Launching for the first time globally, the three films will extend a creative collaboration between Aesop , which began in 2018 with a commission of films for the windows of Myer Bourke Street, Melbourne.

Titled with the Ancient Greek word for knowledge and understanding, the installation is born of the belief that we absorb knowledge through the senses, with the skin acting as an interface between the body and the world around us.

‘To illustrate the skin in states of transformation, I imagined it as a canvas for sensations felt and information absorbed. The digital manipulation in each film melds body and sensation, skin and material, reality and virtuality to express the effects of each product,’