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Tunnel Of Love

Virtual rollercoaster ride  |  Commissioned by Museum of Sex


In a small room at the Museum of Sex (NYC), ‘Tunnel of Love’ takes you on an erotic rollercoaster ride through the winding orifices of the human body. On this 4-dimensional journey, one is immersed in a multitude of sensations; from the poking vibrations coming from your seat, to the aroma and mist floating in the air around you. Synchronized with the pulsating rhythm and enveloping visual experience, ‘Tunnel of Love’ is so much more than the retro-ride at an amusement park — it is an erotic odyssey that toys with the complexities of the human brain by creating an environment in which virtual fantasies transcend into an arousing physical dimension.

Music : 


Starring :

Brecht Bovijn 

Nozomi Matsuoka,

Kyle Patrick, ​

Lonny van Ryswyck


Tunnel of Love 2 - Kris Graves.jpg
Tunnel of Love 1 - Kris Graves.jpg
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