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Future Bodies

Solo Exhibition  |  Design museum Den Bosch


Bart Hess celebrated the 10th anniversary of his studio with an overview exhibition of his body of work at the Stedelijk Museum in ’s-Hertogenbosch.

In close collaboration with the artist, Studio Harm Rensink transformed the museum’s exhibition space of 500 m2 into a tangible and poetic landscape where the visitors tumbled from one world into the next - exploring the video works, soundscapes and material experiments of Bart Hess.

Animated Poster


Photography by Inga Powilleit

barthess_0516 lr.jpg

Digital Artifacts

barthess_0336 lr.jpg

Body Work | Video repertoire 

barthess_0025 lr.jpg


barthess_0139 lr.jpg


barthess_0420 lr.jpg

Work With Me People

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