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For the exhibition Monsters in Fashion Hess designed Caged, an immersive installation created by a 360 projection at La Gaité Lyrique, Paris.

The grid of soundpanels on the walls of the exhibition space served as the skeleton of an imaginary sharkcage-like experience. The visitors are attacked by a variety of creatures in Hess’ creations.

Hess played with the scale of the creatures, varying from human size to those of giants trying to find their way in to the structure

Bart Hess’ work has an unmistakeable dark side, but often balances purposefully in a delicate balance between appeal and revulsion. In Caged’s case, the threatening side gains the upper however. Visitors enter a type of shark cage that is attacked by humanoid creatures. They look similar, but range from human to giant in size. The difference in scale has a distorting effect. 

Large and small crawl across a grid, searching for a way out. Visitors feel both protected and threatened. Though, perhaps the roles are reversed and we are the imprisoned? 


in Exhibition

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