Trendfilm 20/21  |  Commissioned by Premiere Vision


Première Vision a leading organizer of trade shows for the upstream part of the global fashion industry since 1973, tapped Bart Hess for their Autumn 20 – Winter 21 film’s artistic direction.


An inventor of fantasy worlds, effortlessly moving between photography, video, visual arts, animation and textiles, Bart Hess likes to explore fusions of man and innovation. The film, Reveries, will be presented in 360° 3D using a virtual reality headset, where the image exceeds itself and goes out of the frame, taking on an intriguing materiality.

In a world in flux, images take on new dimensions through the artist’s experiments with augmented reality. Ecology and the environment figure among the main storylines, explored though natural landscapes that swallow up humans in their path, transforming their physical appearance and creating hybrid species based on extreme utopian forms.